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Single Family Residences

Recycling and Organics Separation and Collection

Single Family residences must either subscribe to and participate in the recycling and organics curbside collection service OR self-haul recycling and organic waste to a recycling or composting facility as described in the Self-Haulers (Back-Haulers) section.

The exception to these requirements are those Single Family residences in Low-Population Census Tract Areas with Approved Waivers. These areas include the following Census Tracts in the unincorporated areas of Yuba and Sutter Counties:

Single Family residences in these areas can still engage in waste reduction activities, grasscycling, home composting, utilize local recycling centers, utilize Recology Yuba-Sutter’s Free Bulky Item Collection Service/Free Dump Program, or self-haul recyclable materials and organic waste to a recycling or composting facility.

Why is container contamination prevention important?

Contamination prevention in the recyclable materials and organics collection carts results in increased processing costs and reduces the amount of recoverable materials diverted from landfilling, both of which will eventually be reflected in increased service rates. Contamination prevention in the organics collection carts is also important to maintain a high quality finished compost material that is used in the local environment including agricultural cropland. 

If you would like some finished compost for your yard or garden, twice a year, single family residential customers may collect up to 50 gallons of finished compost at the Recology Yuba-Sutter Transfer Station, 3001 N. Levee Road, Marysville. Customers must stop at the gate house and provide their customer name and address. Customers must bring their own containers and hand tools to self-load compost.

The RWMA Mandatory Organic Waste Disposal Reduction Ordinance requires single family residences to place recyclable materials, organic materials and refuse in the designated collection program containers; not place contaminants in collection containers; and, not place organic waste and non-organic recyclables in refuse collection containers. The RWMA is required by SB 1383 to conduct annual route reviews to determine compliance with organic waste separation requirements and container contamination minimization requirements.

Recology Yuba-Sutter’s service rates provide for contamination service charges of about $8.00 per contaminated recycling cart and about $16.00 per contaminated organics cart or refuse cart.