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California Paint Stewardship Program

The California Paint Stewardship Program, established by California law, requires paint manufacturers to develop a take back system for certain types of leftover paints from household and commercial consumers. Paint manufacturers, through the American Coatings Association, created PaintCare, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization to administer the program, including recycling and proper disposal of certain types of unused paint products and to conduct public education about proper paint management. Funding for the program is from a Recovery Fee applied to the purchase price of paint sold in California and paid to PaintCarePaintCare uses the fees to pay for the collection, recycling and proper disposal of unused paint from partnering drop-off sites.

For more information about the California Paint Stewardship Program, including lists of products accepted and not accepted at PaintCare drop-off sites, see PaintCare's website at:

To find a paint drop-off site near you, please visit:

To view PaintCare's Paint Calculator for recommended paint purchase quantities, please visit: